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1 Reduced costs- reduce the travel and hotel costs together with the hidden cost of lost productivity associated with attending meetings in person.

2 Reduce time to market – enable virtual teams to work together collaboratively, increasing the efficiency of your organization and reducing the time to market.

3 Brand identify – establish strong perceptions of your brand among your customer base.

Integrated Network Solution

CCTV System

CCTV cameras have become an important part of our lives for safety reasons. CCTV Cameras are launched in every corner of your nearby malls, organizations and nursing homes. However, for an area where seems threat just having the camera to capture the whole story of the game if there is no one to monitor the camera and see what is happening and catch the suspect immediately as soon as a heinous act is committed. This is important because the purpose of CCTV camera is not mere recording but more of safety and security. It is also necessary for the persons monitoring the camera to be highly trained and efficient to handle every situation as required.

On a happy note, it can be said that the world today is growing in leaps and bounds, but unfortunately the threat to our facilities and firms or organization has been growing at an alarming rate at the same time.

So nowadays, security has become an essential and mandatory requirement for all of us. No matter what level we are dealing with.

We at Mobileware deal with the security needs of our customers. We excel at all level of security services.

Mobileware has extensive experience in the design and installation of CCTV System.

This experience ranges from single fixed camera systems to airport-wide multiuser systems, for applications ranging from traffic monitoring and car parking to passenger flow and terminal management.

Due to the ever increasing demand for fully integrated CCTV Systems, Mobileware have developed a range of IP based solutions that can be configured to work with the majority of existing analogue cameras and telemetry system.

These hybrid solutions preserve the investment already made in the cameras and provide cost effective, fully integrated solutions.

Through our ever-increasing network of technology partner with the major manufacturers of leading digital CCTV products we are able to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of integrated CCTV security solutions.

Structured Cabling System (SCS)

Structured cabling systems are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, meeting greater demands and workloads. With emerging connectivity developments in hardware and software, structured cabling systems tolerances are becoming ever more stringent. A networks physical infrastructure must incorporated security and integrity into its inherent design, as well as the ability to adapt to changes in technology. Mobileware experienced and dedicated team provides an end to end service from design to implementation. Mobileware designs and builds cabling infrastructure systems that support multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems.

We offer both copper-based and fiber-based networking solutions. Our systems are professionally installed and fully tested before they're certified for production use. We also provide our clients with fully documented, printed test results for each network leg. We also offer termination services for existing unterminated fiber.

IP Telephony and Hybrid PABX

We help organizations utilize the advantages of voice communication over IP, and to migrate in a cost-effective manner from inheritance technologies to IP Telephony. We assess, migrate, integrate, secure and manage IP Telephony to help clients ease the risk of end-of-life PBX's and reduce the operational costs associated with managing and administrating multiple networks.

If you plan to move to IP telephony, Mobileware offers support for the Cisco line of IP telephony products. Whether you need economical communications services for a small business or large enterprise, Cisco IP telephony solutions deliver unified communications, advanced communication features and support communication-enabled business processes.

We at Mobileware provides installation, upgrades and maintenance services for PABX/PBX Telephoney and PABX/PBX phone systems using VOIP. We also offer products, such as PABX/IP PBX telephone systems. PABX/PBX phones, VoIP gateways and Memory Cards

We can be your source for advance phone systems and communications solutions at very competitive prices. From additions to new installs, voicemail, audio conferencing, call auto-attendant, telephone accounting and wireless, etc.


We provide installations for Data and Voice Cabling network installation and network maintenance and structured cabling. Our premise design and installation specialists bring to your project a perfect blend of high technology and latest fashioned work ethics and workmanship. We take particular pride in maintaining all our cables and systems. Let our skilled professionals engineer a state-of-the-art network infrastructure so your company can function at maximum efficiency. We do all the telecommunications tasks required within a firm or an organization to the needs of the customer. We deal with analog and digital PABX systems, IP telephony, high speed internet solutions, and wireless solutions.

Active Network Components and Network Management

Mobileware can design, build, deploy and support high performance converged networks for businesses of any size. Our solutions provide cost-effective, flexible and intelligent network designs that enable growth and enhance network performance. We offer state-of-the-art network management solutions that simplify, strengthen and extend the network, wherever and however it is used. We also offer WAN design and management solutions that meet the business communications needs of expanding organizations.

Wireless Networking and Hotspot

We offer wide range of WIFI system for Office, Home and Hotels, Our engineers are trained to implement

Wireless Network Environment inside the office or connectivity between building, we do the Supply and Installation of Hotspot System for Hotels and Internet café.

Our wireless networking solutions allow our clients to deliver the power and freedom of anytime, anywhere networking. We offer enterprise and hospitality solutions; wireless WAN services; wireless Internet hotspots and wireless IP telephony. We also offer secured solutions to help maintain network availability by eliminating unauthorized network use.

Network Security and Firewall

Innovative, flexible network security is more important than ever before. Our security solutions provide complete coverage and eliminate threats and annoyances delivered by spam, viruses and spyware. We also offer robust content security solutions to help our clients keep their most valuable data safe. Our security solutions can also discourage intruders and unauthorized use; control access to network resources and provide customized security within the network community.

We implement Firewall and Anti-Virus set up as per the need and demand of Customer Network. Mobileware can design, build, deploy and support high performance converged networks for businesses of any size. Our solutions provide cost-effective, flexible and intelligent network designs that enable growth and enhance network performance. We offer state-of-the-art network management solutions that simplify, strengthen and extend the network, wherever and however it is used. We also offer WAN design and management solutions that meet the business communications needs of expanding organizations.

We also offer intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS) solutions that actively monitor the network for threats and unwelcome visitors. Our network design services can also provide additional security for remote users and segmented security within a network.

Access Control

From single store to chain of retails or the whole edifice Access Control Systems (ACS) is designed to control Access for Employees and visitors by utilizing multiple technologies such as swipe cards, proximity cards, PIN entry keypads, and sophisticated biometric devices, security systems can be designed around existing hardware to provide an effective solutions for a single or multiple sites.

Time Attendance System

Time Attendance System allows the company to manage, monitor employee entries, exits, breaks, absence and leaves. Time attendance system enables to prepare a detail report of employees who are not holding up to your standards of employment.

Gate Barrier System

Barrier gates are the ideal solution if you need to control vehicle transit in public parking areas, car park, private and block of flats entrances, even when the traffic is heavy.

They are made of a motor body and control unit protected by a case with different finishes, in particular in stainless steel for applications in critical environment conditions, like heavy traffic areas or near the sea.

Audio Visual System

We at Mobileware offers the latest equipments in audio, visuals, simultaneous interpretation projection, lights, Sound, public address, digital signage solution, Video conference, we realize that you only have one chance to make a great presentation. We offer reliable and creative solutions backed with the latest technology and excellent customer service. Our professionals will design the reight audio video solution for your next venue delivering crystal clear sound to all ends of the room with intelligent, state of the art lighting systems to enhance your meeting.

Audio Visual

The extensive range of branded products is constantly updates, to reflect the latest developments in multimedia projectors, flat screen displays, interactive presentation technology, furniture and meeting room equipment – offering reliability, high quality and exceptional value for money

Video Conference System

In partnership with the leading manufacturers, we provide impartial advice, design and installation services for world-class video conferencing systems. This includes portable, desktop, ‘roll-about’ and self contained units, bespoke integrated solutions for permanent installation and the integration of video conferencing into existing AV systems.

Public Address System

We at Mobileware provides Public Address System (PA System), is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system, with a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers, used to allow a person to address a large public, for example for announcements of movements at large and noisy air and terminals, warehouse, factory, etc.

AV/IT Integrated System

Mobileware AV Systems represent a range of permanent audio visual solutions unrivalled in the Dubai and Middle East. Combining the very latest n multimedia display techniques, digital control technology and bespoke, furniture craftsmanship, every Datavibrant installation provides the power to present easily and professionally – every time.

Mobileware is designed and built totally in-house, ensuring consistently high quality and reliability. More than forty years of experience and innovation has gone into the development of our exclusive control system range, featuring touch screen control interfaces including AMX, Creston and Extron.